Suzanne McLeod

Swimming in a Sea of Crabs, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 36"x48"


My paintings bring outer and inner landscapes together on paper, wood, and canvas. I love introducing the light and color of the NE shores, woodlands, and farmlands where I live, to images from dreams and stories from my career as a psychotherapist. I know the healing that happens when seemingly opposite - and even mutually antagonistic and painful - elements are allowed their place in the whole. I aim to make paintings that embody this process.

"Remember, a painting is not a picture. A painting has to live for its relation, composition, color, texture - all the elements necessary. But always be aware that a painting must have a soul - it's very own soul" Remo Ferrugio, Cliffs and Red, 1951 - Monhegan Museum of Art, Maine

These portfolios represent a sampling of my work from the past 10 years. Click on each image to see the gallery.

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