Suzanne McLeod


I've been drawing, painting, writing, sewing and gluing things together ever since I can remember. I recently added some welding and carpentry skills to build and create on a larger scale. This year I will be exploring new combinations of media, continuing to seek what satisfies.

It is also deeply satisfying to help and witness people put themselves together, so I became a psychotherapist in 1994 and since 2005 have been the Clinical Coordinator at a Partial Hospitalization Program near Boston, MA. My graduate work was in Intermodal Expressive Therapies, figuring that would neatly weave my creative and clinical work together into one whole.

Not so simple! Though these two primary parts of my life do overlap and nurture each other, I've found that I thrive when tend to each on its own terms. Being part of a clinical team as a leader, supervisor, case manager, and counselor is challenging and demands creativity and resilience and I love it. Around that structure I make time and space for the artmaking muse as best I can - hours, days, and sometimes weeks in the studio, playing and making.. I have a studio at home, and have been an affiliate and workshop coach at the collaborative community of Turtle Studios, in Newton, MA, since 1994.

I'm inspired by walks in my neighborhood and in the woods at the top of my hill, by travel to far places, by the stories and struggles of friends and family, and by my patients. I pay attention through dreams, play, travels, and meditation. My artmaking is often about what's underneath, inside, or behind what I'm looking at - whether its the land, a home, or a person. I care deeply about the changes happening to our planet and how they are affecting all of us I want to express my care as a therapist, group leader, and through the pieces I create.

These portfolios represent a sampling of my work from the past 10 years. Thank you for visiting.